About Anima In Bloom


Hello and welcome to the Land of Anima! My name is Angie, and I am the owner and creator of Anima in Bloom. I am a one-woman-operation, specializing in tailormade crystal candles, gift sets, and ritual kits for self-discovery.  The altar tools, crystal candles, and gift sets  here are conceptualized,  designed, and hand-crafted by me 💕🌝





Anima in Bloom is a highly personal passion project that sprouted from a tumultuous year of traumatic life events and a subsequent deep dive into the healing powers of chaos magic. Following my divorce, the death of two family members, and a year that saw me moving from home to home without steady work, I became more and more involved in my spiritual practice, emotional liberation, and artistic expression. Finally, after nearly 2 years of feeling lost, I began to heal and had dreams of creating a platform where I could share my love of magic with others like me. Using every skill, talent, and resource available to me, I believed I could make something helpful, useful, colorful, bright, and joyful. I toiled day and night, learning the ins and outs of business and marketing, creating magical candles, and building relationships with other witches around the world until I had manifested my own, modest corner of the internet.

I hope that everything I create will elevate women and attune them to the Divine Feminine spirit that delivered me from the most painful era of my life so far. My sculptural design is meant to imitate the female form and each piece represents magic being born into your space in the form of crystals and flowers. I am dedicated to honoring the power of creation and transformation that is alive in all women and feminine people, and I hope to do work that introduces you to new corners of your imagination. Let's enjoy the art of life!


The term "anima" comes from the four representations of self in dreamscapes: the true self, the shadow, the animus, and the anima, all of which exist in every person. The anima is the representation of the feminine self.

Everything I do is meant to help feed, nurture, and grow your feminine spirit.🌸


Contact AnimaInBloom@Gmail.com for all inquiries.